At Wanderlust Luggage Repair all of our Repair Works come with a 6-Month Warranty on Workmanship. We also do warranty approved work on most major brands. Here is a sample of our pricing:

Most Common Repairs

Wheels and Handles

One Regular Wheel $65 and Up
Second Regular Wheel on the Same Luggage $85 and Up

Top & Side Carry Handle $65 and Up

Pull Handles $75 and up


Zipper Slider Replacement $65 and up
Second Slider on the Same Zipper $35 and up
Zipper Teeth Repair $45 and up
Zipper Tape Seam Repair $55 and up
Zipper Pull Replacement $35.00 and up
Second Zipper Pull on the Same Case $10.00 and up

Frame Repairs

Frame Reinforcement $70 and Up
ABS Repair on Hard-shell Plastic $75 and Up

Combination Locks

Combination Lock Recovery $35 and Up
Combination Lock Replacement $55 and Up
Estimate Letter for Airline or Insurance Claim $45.00

Please Note:Taxes are not included. Prices may change without notice.